Health Savings Accounts

Welcome to Heritage Bank’s Health Savings Account Solutions Web site! Let’s start with a few notes about Heritage Bank:

  • Experienced. We are a full service HSA custodian, and have been in this business since 1997 when MSAs first became available.
  • Responsive. We’ll have your HSA account opened within 24-48 hours.
  • Established. You’ll appreciate our HSA Checking product with all the “bells & whistles”. It provides easy access to a low cost HSA account with the added peace of mind that FDIC insurance delivers.
  • Expertise. You deserve more than a custodian, you deserve an experienced professional to answer your questions and help you navigate through the ever-evolving HSA rules.
  • Stability. We’re a strong financial institution you can trust to be serving your HSA needs for the long-term
  • Commitment. At Heritage, you’ll find a team of professionals who genuinely care about providing excellent service to every customer.
  • Proven. We are a leader in the HSA field, serving individual and group HSA clients throughout the United States. We would enjoy working with you as well!

We’ve designed this web page to contain all of the information we think you’ll need to decide to open your HSA with Heritage Bank, and to give you great “service after the sale” by providing you the latest HSA resources and tools. If you have questions or need assistance, though, please call or e-mail, as we’re happy to help!

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