Payroll Direct Deposit

Heritage Bank’s Direct Deposit system can help simplify the process of paying your employees. Direct Deposit provides your business with an easy method of having the employee’s net pay deposited directly into their bank account. It is a safe and secure way of electronically depositing the funds.

Heritage’s Direct Deposit system provides several benefits to both the employer and employee.

  • No lost payroll checks.
  • Eliminate the expense of buying payroll checks.
  • Reconciling the payroll account is much easier.
  • Employees don’t have to make a special trip to the bank to deposit their check.
  • Employees have their pay deposited on time. They won’t need to worry when they are on vacation or away from the office on payday.
  • Payments made by direct deposit do not get lost, forged, stolen or misplaced.

Heritage Bank has been offering Payroll direct deposit through the Internet Banking System for several years. Many of our business customers are already enjoying the benefits of this product. Whether you want to experience Direct Deposit for the first time for your business or you already offer this to your employees and want to find out how our product works, please complete the information request below and a Heritage Banker will be in touch the next business day.