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  • Customer Information
    *Pay any individual or company online. Online bill payment fee: $4.95 / month with 15 free payments. An additional fee of $0.40 per bill will be charged for each bill payment after the first 15. New users pay no monthly fee for the first three months of bill payment.
  • Account NumberAccount Description (as you identify it)TypeFlag 
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    Account Type: CH=Checking; MMA=Money Market; SAV=Savings; CD=Certificate of Deposit; CP=Checking Plus; LN=Loan

    Flag: F=Full Rights; V=View Only (No Transfers Permitted); D=Deposit Only; DV=Deposit and View

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  • Additional Access

    List all additional users you authorize to utilize online banking and the authority level you desire. Name and address and a separate login ID and password is required for all additional persons you give access to. For account number, ALL is appropriate if you give FULL privileges on ALL accounts. In this case, each person must be an authorized owner of the account(s).
  • User NameAccount NumberView OnlyDeposit OnlyFull Authorization 
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    View Only - May view accounts but has NO authority to request transactions or services.
    Deposit Only - May deposit into the account ONLY.
    Full Authorization - Provides a user with FULL rights to your account. Person must be an authorized owner of the account.