January 2011 Nebraska…The Good Life
October 2010 Add Value: Do More With Less
January 2010 Money Market Mutual Funds – Fundamentally Bad
November 2009 Health Care Costs:… The Only Solution
December 2008  “Credit Crisis Solution: Accept The Pain
September 2008 Bailouts – Privitize Gains and Socialize Losses
June 2008 The “House That Cick Built”
March 2008 Importance of Corporate Culture
September 2007 Mortgage Meltdown Causes
June 2007 Gasoline..Dissecting The Component Costs
March 2007 Self Sufficiency
December 2006 Sam’s Kidney Transplant
September 2006 Spending
June 2006 Osborne – Heineman Governor
March 2006 Federal Debt Will Lead to Foreign Ownership of Assets 
December 2005 Judicial Activism – Supreme Court
September 2005 Defined Benefit Plans vs. Defined Contribution Plans
April 2005 Social Security: The Big Fix
January 2005 Social Security is Broke
October 2004 Job Loss & Job Creation
June 2004 Fixing Nebraska K-12 Costs
March 2004 Education Costs: Taxing Inflation
December 2003 Farm Program Payments
July 2003 Nebraska Government Sustainability
 April 2003 Merger of CNB to Heritage Bank
 January 2003 Wal-Mart
October 2002 Teamwork
June 2002 Character and Wall Street Ethics
March 2002 Importance of Attitude
Winter 2001 Dollars and Human Capital Leaving Nebraska
November 2001 Invest in Your Community
Fall 2001 Weak Local Economy
Spring 2001 Commoditization of Banking
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