Debit Cards

Why carry cash or a clumsy checkbook when you can carry a Heritage Bank VISA Check Card instead? It works just like a check by instantly withdrawing money from your checking account to pay for your purchases. Here are 10 great reasons why you’ll enjoy a Check Card:

  1. Works worldwide wherever VISA is accepted.
  2. Use it as many times as you like … no transaction charges apply.
  3. Since you’ll use fewer paper checks, you’ll save money by reordering printed checks less frequently.
  4. Check Cards are readily accepted out of town, unlike personal checks. Plus, there’s no need to produce ID like when you write a paper check.
  5. Joint account with one checkbook? Now both of you can have access to the account without possession of the checkbook.
  6. Check Card doubles as an ATM card, so you can carry one piece of plastic in your wallet.
  7. Use your Check Card for FREE at any Heritage Bank ATM to avoid ATM transaction charges.
  8. Check Card transactions don’t count toward checking account per item charges.
  9. No cost to own a Check Card as long as you use it at least once a year.
  10. Carrying a Check Card is much safer than carrying lots of cash.

Apply Online for a Heritage Bank Check Card today! It’s quick, secure and easy!

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